About Us

The Portal “DeviceBazaar” is a subsidiary division affiliated to“Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Private Limited”, a Company Incorporated on 18th April 2019. The Company is India's leading Electronic & Appliance Sales & Services Company headquartered in Mumbai with its presence across India in various states and its state capitals like Delhi, Jaipur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chennai, Bhopal, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

DeviceBazaar is a network-centric “Hybrid Model Platform that caters to B2C &B2B Trade Platform”, designed specifically to cater to its end customers through its small & medium last-mile retail business units called DeviceBazaar Franchisee Outlets (DFOs) with extended warranty and guaranty support services apart from what manufacturers provide. DeviceBazaar through its unique business model involves the retailers across Urban, Semi-Urban & Rural markets to deliver the devices & appliances of all types and for all sectors along with its unique service support that none in the industry boast to provide.

DeviceBazaar through its network of representatives and franchisee ensure to benefit not only the B2Cusers through an interactive B2C window but also benefit their franchisee, who enhance the wholesalers, national distributors and manufacturers interacting with DeviceBazaar. With a thorough study of the market demand and supply for electronic products, appliances, instruments, equipment and innovative up-coming products, DeviceBazaar makes a breakthrough to connects the last-mile link to any of the geographical places through its franchisee retail lint that guarantees delivery assurances along with un-interruptible support service for the products they sell through their portal. 

The easy-to-use “DeviceBazaar Portal” and its “Mobile App” works on the principle of RAPUSH:

  1.  Research (R): “DeviceBazaar” committedly carries out its research on the existing and new upcoming devices and appliances that keep emerging across the world. The research team of DeviceBazaar scans, collects, compares and scrutinizes the features, utility and focus areas of products to suit its customer needs, not only for its urban market reach but also for the semi-urban, semi-rural and rural market reach at the last mile support at the retail Franchisee of theirs. This research is carried out by a team of product specialist from e-commerce and retail background.
  2.  Analyze(A): Based on thorough research, DeviceBazaar continuously analyzes its customers, distributors, wholesalers and stockist choices on accepting and leveraging their business interest or utility interest for the devices and appliances that keep emerging across the world or those that are staying in the market for long with continuous or growing demand. The outcome of research at DeviceBazaar paves the way for analyzing this researched data to bring conclusive insight for DeviceBazaar so that a proper choice decision of putting only those devices and appliances is carried out by DeviceBazaar in line with the utility, need and demand of end customer, whom it serves.
  3.  Procure (P): Next, based on research and analysis, DeviceBazaar takes informed decisions of procuring only those devices and appliances, which have “demand value” or “utility value” or “price value to class” exceeding the thresholds for making every stakeholder of DeviceBazaar gets benefitted.
  4.  Upload (U): Once the procurement is completed, DeviceBazaar ensures to stock the devices and appliances at all our major warehouses and franchisee stores across in India and subsequently the upload of material devices and appliances is carried out by our central staff in the DeviceBazaar Portal and Apps.
  5.  Sell (S): The DeviceBazaar Portal and App are made very customer friendly for them to make a buy of any product displayed on it. Once the Buyers buys and makes the payment online, the products are designated as sold to our buyer and within 48 hours we can ship of products to any part of India.
  6.  Handover (H): Though dedicated logistic partners and our franchisee network we ensure to handover and deliver our sold products to our customer at his mentioned delivery address.

With DeviceBazaar, the Network of trusted retail Franchise Outlets not only support the sale of items through our DeviceBazaar Portal, but they are also responsible for providing quick & safe delivery of products to the customer along with additional service support through a cobwebbed network of Manufacturers authorized Service Support Centre (CSCs) to reach the customer last mile doorsteps at 3 levels, viz., District, Taluka/Tehsil and Village/Ward as Platinum, Gold & Silver Franchise Outlets.

The difference between DeviceBazaar and other Portals serving out there in the market lies with the quality of Customer Service Support that we provide with a hybrid model of B2B & B2C Nature. We serve with difference for2,50,000+ Buyers and Sellers from 29 states& 3 Union Territories within India, in finding the right match for the product or market that you seek.


On our DeviceBazaar Portal, our Customer can directly connect with the Best of Products ( Devices, Instruments, Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, etc., ) at some of the best price rates with guaranteed long term support and service that no other e-commerce portal can boast of. We buy products from Manufacturers & National Sales Distributors directly in Bulk Quantities at some of the Best Rates and pass on this to our Customers through our Last mile Contact Points, viz., DeviceBazaar Franchisee Outlets (DFOs). Our Portal is a Hybrid mix of B2C & B2B Model that sells Sell Online Products at Best of the Rates with Fascinating After Sales Support. Since we are very near to your doorstep through our DFOs, who is well within your geographical reach at different levels, our Customers are guaranteed to receive Best of our Customer Service Support right at their Doorsteps, if they avail the product buy from our DeviceBazaar Portal & Its Network of Franchisee.

With deep connect of DeviceBazaar within your District, within your Taluk and straight within your Ward/Village, we now connect our customers with trusted B2B DFOs which serve as Platinum DFOs, Gold DFOs & SilverDFOs respectively guaranteeing extra additional long customer service support, even if the manufacturer’s warranty expires within a year. This difference right down at the last mile support to our customers for the products we sell separates us from the rest of e-commerce portals, who have the policy of sell and forget, but we at DeviceBazaar hold your hand for support an extended warranty and support for additional years up to the extent of 3 years or 5 years depending on the support you desire post-warranty expiry of products from the manufacturers.