Gold Franchisee Store

The Gold Franchisee Stores (GFS) are defined as those franchisee of DeviceBazaar that hold a considerable variety of stock within their mega-store showroom that offers retail sales opportunity for the GFS at a very prominent market location like city market, busy commercial city spot or a shopping mall. GFS basically covers their jurisdictional control over a geographical area that covers a population of not less than 50,000 to 2,00,000 plus. The GFS maintains a stock of essential fast moving and essential products with considerable variety that can be made easily available for their customer base over the counter at their sales showroom. These products range from high and medium price range of products like mobiles, laptops, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Life Style, Sports, Health, Musical Instruments, etc., and other demand products that are invariably are the need based regular requirement prevailing in the commercial up market and Mall Stores within any urban city areas or within a rural, semi-rural populace.

Apart from this above retail sales function of direct sale nature to his customer within their geographical area, the GFS also functions to operate for the last mile link to the online customer, who has purchased the products from the online portal or app or website of DeviceBazaar. The GFS in this case, guarantees a complete online after sales support and coordination support for the DeviceBazaar’s online customers by co-ordinating with the DeviceBazaar’s District Distributor Stockist (DDS), i.e., the Platinum Franchisee Stores(PFS) that they report to OR the Department of Customer Service Division (CSD) of Master Warehouse & Godown of DeviceBazaar to ensure that any B2C customer interacting on the portal, app or website gets a complete after sales service support as promised by DeviceBazaar.

Any Product that is sold through DeviceBazaar Website or Portal usually is intimated to the Gold Franchisee Stores for extending its coordinated support to its online customer, whether it is in terms of delivery or return of delivery or extending service support through its reporting upper franchisee, the Platinum Franchisee Stores (PFS). In case, both the GFS & PFS do not exist the geographical area, where a customers or online buyer wants the service through GFS or PFS, then the Customer Support Division (CSD) of Master Warehouse & Godown of DeviceBazaar supports the functions of PFS or GFS.

DeviceBazaar as a Franchisor, offers the entrepreneurial store owners of GFS, an area in equivalent to a Ward/Council’s jurisdiction as represented by the Municipal Corporation or Mahagar-Nagar-Palika or Nagar-Palika of a big city or a medium city. In the rural or semi-urban talukas/tehsils, the geographical allocation of GFS is limited to either a Larger Village or a Cluster of Villages.

The geographical jurisdictional area is exclusively provided by the Franchisor, DeviceBazaar represented by Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd.) under its Hybrid Model of B2C & B2B represented through their e-commerce portal or website, DeviceBazaar.

For becoming a Gold Franchisee Stores (GFS), the local prospective entrepreneurs can connect with our Partner Investment Programme (PIP) Division at , where our franchisee development managers would contact you and align you with our District Representative working in your District for DeviceBazaar.