Omni Pet Tracker & Personal Locator OPD01

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This pet locator is used for pet tracking and positioning; The terminal has functions of 4G network remote control, GPS real-time positioning, Bluetooth communication, mobile detection, location tracking. The terminal can realize the pet position monitoring through 4G network and background, Bluetooth, and mobile APP terminal data interaction.

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This GPS locator is designed as a GPS position terminal for pets, GPS real time position, Bluetooth communication detection, etc.

Products Parameters:




 Input voltage  


 Input Current

 ≧1000mA (5VDC )

 Battery voltage/capacity

 3.7V/1200mAH Rechargeable polymer lithium-ion batteries

 Battery life

 One charge ≧20hours (It depends on data reporting frequency and     network status)

 Working temperature


 Waterproof level


 Shell material


 The whole machine size

 LxWxH:70.5mm × 34.4mm × 21.9mm

 Belt length

 Adjustable: maximum length: 40cm                                                  

 SIM card