Refurbished New Product T&C

What are Refurbished NewProducts Terms & Conditions (T&C) ?

  • These products are generally the ones which have their box damaged due to wear and tear / storage etc.
  • Hence to ensure that our customers get the very best, the open box products are thoroughly tested.
    • Our manufacturers replace for us any defective products or spare parts or accessories associated with the product.
    • The products that are brand new, without any issues/defects are sold at heavy discounts under “Refurbished New Products” section for the benefit of our customers.
  • Which means the product thus purchased will be surely functioning and without any issues/defects.
  • But it also means that the product is “non – returnable” / “non – refundable”
  • However any “Refurbished New Product” such purchased will still be valid for manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, unless mentioned otherwise. ( Usually, DeviceBazaar warranties and support, the refurbished new products for 6 months from the date of purchase instead of the regular warranty and support that is promised by the manufacturer. Over and above this, an additional paid extended warranty and support is one of the additional feature, which DeviceBazaar provides on select products and devices for organizations who buy devices on bulk quantities for their customers.)
  •  What’s the catch?
  1. We save on shipping these products back to our vendors / manufacturers.
  2. Since these products are tested, these products are not returnable
  3. Hence we save on return shipments too
  4. We pass on these savings to our customers buying Refurbished NewProducts
  5. You get 6 months warranty & support on the Refurbished New Products.
  6. The biggest additional advantage that DeviceBazaar provides to its Customers is the“Paid Extended Warranty&Support (PEWS)” for either sixadditional months or one and half additional years or two and half additional years. For some products, amazingly, DeviceBazaar can provide paid extended warranty and support as far as 4 and half years. Please note, PEWS are subject to terms and conditions for select products only. All the additional PEWS are individually taken care by the Customer Service division (CSD) of DeviceBazaar and its Platinum Franchisee Stores, that areexclusively managed and controlled by Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd.,. Alsothis is done bySarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd for specified products only and only if Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd.have a specific Authorized Service Centre (ASC) affiliation agreements with select manufacturers. 

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