Seiko TP-50 Time Stamp Machine

Programmable Time & Date Stamp with 2-line printing mechanism 

The TP-brings the highest possible flexibility into time & date stamping. Combining highest reliability and durability with standard time & date printing and pre-set or customized comments, numbers, and counters, all selectable by the push of 4 available buttons. Easy print set creation on the PC and transfer by USB memory stick into the stamping machine. Record and read out of numbering counters and date/time via USB stick data transfer back to the PC. Even up to 14 days future time & date printing for “best before” applications is possible.

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Some of the salient features of TP-50 Seiko Time Stamp Machine are as given below:

  • Expression alpha numeric print colour: monochrome (black) print system: dot matrix print head (9 needles)
  • Line length: 160 points (approx. 20 characters) per line. Print format time: 1/10, 1/20, 1/60 or 1/100, 12 or 24 hour system
  • Continuous calendar up to 2099. Print direction: right or left flush pressure alignment in the line left/right/centred.
  • Selectable formats: 37 formats pre-set formats: 29 formats alpha text in German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Portuguese adjustable
  • Pressure distance from the edge: up to 30 mm adjustable programmable special characters/symbols. Storage capacity: up to 1,022 stamps
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Programmable Time & Date Stamp with 2-line printing mechanism

2 line printing by one action
When two line printing is activated the 2 lines are printed during the left (line 1) and right (line 2) print head movement. No manual per transport is necessary. The 2 line printing is highly accurate and fast.

Up to 4 print patterns selectable by dedicated key
4 print patterns can be assigned to dedicated keys (A-D) on the top of the machine for easy selection by the push of the button by the user. Fully customized comments are also possible.

Custom comment setting and configuration by PC
Easy set-up of the TP-50 by creating setting files on the PC. Once the setting file is created on the PC it can be saved onto a USB memory stick and then the setting data can be loaded into the TP-50 easily.

More versatile numbering counters
The TP-50 provides multiple counters. Count-up / count down, configurable counting range (by min, max, and initial number), Up to 8 digits, up to 9 repeats. Also, reset or stop conditions can be programmed once a certain count is reached.

Data pick-up via USB stick
Up to 1,022 punches can be assigned with the value of the numbering counter/ time / date and will be recorded in the memory. The data can be loaded into the USB memory stick and transfer to a PC for further analysis.

Lighted print area and back-lit graphic display
The print area is not only marked by a red printing mask on the platen but now also illuminated by white LED lighting. So even in not well lit work areas the desired print position on the document can be found easily. The print area light as well as the display backlight can be turned ON/OFF independently by button or automatically by a timetable program.

Shifted time printing
The TP-50 can print the current date & time and in addition another second or future date and time. Possible applications are printing of production and “best-before” dates, IN/OUT time, etc.

Easy adjustment of print position
The TP-50 offers a slide lever on the bottom for paper edge distance adjustment, a paper guide gauge for document position assistance, a print mask for exact location of the print content and an LED lighting for the printing area. Print set orientation can be turned by 180 degrees.

Intuitive programming and operation by graphic display
The full matrix graphic LCD display lets you intuitively program and operate the TP-50 by referring setting and help text in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and icons on graphical display. Additionally, a fully “numeric” setting is possible in which all names for day, months, weekdays, etc. are switched to their numeric values. Leading zeros are available for day, month and time values.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time (D.S.T.) adjustment
Once programmed to the local START / END settings of daylight saving time the TP-50 will repeat the time automatically change every year.

48 Program steps for automatic functions
The TP-50 has a memory for 48 program steps. It allows to block / unblock certain functions, printing contents, lighting settings or the whole device during certain time periods.

Protection of settings / access
The TP-50 has a physical lock as well as a password protection for access to making settings.

Memory back-up
All settings and data are saved in the electronic memory and a back-up battery provides data security for up to 3 years. An additional optional emergency power battery is available which allows printing of about 100 data sets (time, date, etc.) even during times of mains power failure.

Wall mounting
Wall mounting is possible with provided hardware (excluding screws). Tabletop operation is also possible.

Physical dimensions
156mm W x 179mm D x 181mm H, Weight about 1.8 KG (6-5/32" x 7-1/16" x 7-1/8", 400 lbs)



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‎18.1 x 15.6 x 17.9 cm; 2.39 Kilograms

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‎Personal Computer

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